Meet Mediterranean Lettings

This project was born from the conviction that people need to feel at home in order to fully enjoy their stay. We decided to devote ourselves to the management of holiday rentals by becoming a safe and reliable connection between owners of holiday homes and their future guests.
We are a team that once dreamed of the possibility of bringing the Mediterranean essence to everyone. Now we have become one of the most recommended holiday accommodation companies on the Costa Blanca. The satisfaction of being remembered makes us improve every day and keep on promoting the tourism industry in this region of Spain that we love so much.

Our mission is to make you feel at home

Can a holiday apartament become a place where you want to stay? Our main goal is to offer versatile and comfortable alternatives. We expect that our occasional homes are conceived as ephemeral homes. Proud of having achieved this, now we focus on continuing to expand our list of tourist apartments and improve the level of satisfaction of those who rely on our services.

Family holidays, getaways for couples or business trips. We have a wide catalog of places to stay in the Mediterranean Sea. We aim to fulfill the needs of our clients.

We have properties all along the Costa Blanca. These apartments and holiday houses have been selected by a team of experts that will take care of the conditioning and thus bring them closer to tourists and travellers. Cleaning service, transport, bed linen, smart TV and all the required amenities that improve your days in the Mediterranean coast.

Find out about our story

Lots of people know us for being the first company of tourist apartments in Alicante. More than 10 years ago, we started a small project that would become our job. We detected a necessity and launched a company to increase the offer on a market niche that was obsolete and didn't provide added value to the typical holiday rentals.

Our goal was to create a network of holiday apartments that could be converted into homes while they had guests in. We have always wanted to make our clients feel at home and that's why we look for houses and apartments of a certain standard that could be appealing for travellers and tourists in the Costa Blanca. Once we found them, we focused on setting them up for both long and short stays. Our team of experts in different fields, from home decor to cleaning or tourism, make our work as professional as possible. , related to decoration, professional cleaning and tourism, which make our work possible. To sum up, at Mediterranean Lettings we offer holiday apartments with all the comforts of our modern world.

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Our true legacy is the satisfaction from both guests and owners who trust Mediterranean Lettings.